Life of my body After Death…

Fair warning: This may be a little morbid for some.

While I am still scared to even think about the fact that one day I will cease to exist and everyone I know and love will go on living without me, I have recently come to peace with the idea of passing on…and by that, I do mean passing on. When my day finally comes (and hopefully that won’t be for almost a hundred more years) I want any healthy organs donated to those in true need of them. If I’m going to die one day (especially if I’m not one hundred years old yet), which we all know is the only thing in life that is a garauntee, I want to help as many people as I can by the time that happens. If I don’t help a single soul until that day I will be alright, as long as I know there is someone (or some people) out there who had another chance at a healthy life bc of me! I want my loved ones to know that though they have lost me, my heart is still out there in this world, my eyes are still seeing the beauty of this world…that their loss doesn’t have to be a sad time. I want my life celebrated I don’t want my death mourned. I want memories shared, laughter aloud, and smiles abundant when my last day has come and gone. I want my body cremated and my ashes spread. I do not want anyone whom I have loved or will love, to suffer in any manner, but instead I want them to rejoice in knowing that when God takes one person out of your life he is able to give the gift of life to someone else who is truly deserving. This is my greatest hope for my life now, instead of my biggest fear! 


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