And Yet Another Tragedy!!

The tragedy that happened last night, here in Charleston is just plain awful. Though we are all focused on praying for those victims and their loved ones (as we should be) don’t forget to pray for the troubled young man that committed this AWFUL CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. There is NO excuse for these terrible actions he knowingly committed. But he is also only 21 years old. This troubles me! I know I’m only 23 and my life is in no way paralleled to his…but I have grown a lot as an adult, human, and intelligent woman in the past two years of my life…I just hope everyone remembers that this hatred this young man had/has did not come from no where…I’m sure he was taught it in some way, at some time in his life…and this is just sad…My point is that this is such an important reminder to always be the best humans we can for ourselves, our children and even the strangers in our lives. Scripture says hatred is murder and unfortunately, we Charleston residents have experienced this far too close to home today, but this scripture really means that We as Christians are not to speak terms of hatred toward this young man or his family. Instead, pray that this man will be rightfully held accountable for this crime so he may be taught what is really right from wrong. Pray he will be changed, honestly, and pray that the people who taught him such hatred may be changed by the grace of God one day soon. So that one day when my children have children, this hatred will not be so common and maybe, just maybe, this hatred will not even exist….#mythoughts #noexcuses #prayforcharleston #staystrongcharleston #unitedraces #AnotherCharleston9


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