My first date with God (in a while)…

Yesterday my hubby and I decided we would try to go to the church down the road on Sunday morning. After months of searching for a church I could believe in and struggling to break through our everyday excuses to go, (at least) the last four Sunday’s, we finally made it!!! And Thank The Good Lord Himself that we did! It was unbelievable, the message we were given! And the manner in which it was given to us! 

My hubby has always had a difficult time in church because he usually ends up feeling a little lost during the sermon/message (whatever you want to call it), not because he is incapable but because he, himself, is a man of few words…you know the type. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, but something I had to get used to as a woman who has a hard time not talking his ears off! Haha! Anyways, as the pastor spoke I could tell immediately my hubby would like him and I quickly made up my mind in concurrence! 

Annyywaayys…the pastor made it simple for hubby and I to both follow along AND actually Enjoy the message this morning! It was so refreshing! The message was about expecting miracles to happen in your life. About having so much Faith that even after a miracle happens and you recognize what it is, that even when it feels like that miracle is dying, still having enough faith and expectancy to KNOW that This IS your miracle and God will come through for you! Basically, not taking “No” for an answer and EXPECTING God to perform a miracle. 

I found this idea very profound and it really moved me. Obviously, y’all probably already know what Miracle I need…Although there are a couple miracles we could use right about this time in our life but I digress. This message just helped me feel so empowered  and condfident. 

The pastor pointed out that each one of us in church has more than likely witnessed a miracle and/or experienced the reward (for lack of a better term) of faithfulness! This is definitely true for me and my life. My “reward” was finding the love of my husband, by far the greatest gift God has ever given me! But it was a long journey for me to find him (or for him to find me, depending how you look at it)!!! And it was a difficult journey for me, by far, my most difficult! Because (as I’ve pointed out before) I am a ridiculously impatient woman. BUT the good Lord granted me my greatest desire and I was reminded this morning that he will grant me my next greatest desire by working a miracle in me! I will not give up my faith and We will not stop trying to conceive, naturally. 
Now, I am fully aware that it is very easy to feel so empowered after such a moving and positive experience. I am also aware I will not feel THIS faithful and strong every day. I can accept that this will be the most difficult journey I’ll ever be faced with and that I will need reassurance on some days, reminders on other days, and just some good ole help at times. However, if I can keep this faith as strong as I have in the past, I feel as though This miracle can happen for us! 

What miracles has God worked in your lives?! I’d love to hear about them to keep this positive vibe going!! 


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