My Crazy Hormones and Questions about PCOS

The past few days I have been experiencing many mood swings and emotions running high. Of course my first thought, as it always has been in the past is either I’m about to start my period or Maybe I’m Pregnant! And then I remembered I have PCOS…

Now I am not going to sob about this, as I have previously mentioned, I am trying to stay on the stronger side of faith these days. What I am going to say is that I am very confused now and am not sure what I should be telling myself.

I have been experiencing migraines and back pain…(which I’m 90% certain are both due to other issues I have which I will probably write about on another day). But I have also been quick to shed tears and quick to irritate, annoy, and anger.

At the beginning of the year my great grandmother passed away. And I was definitely experiencing anger and grief, regularly. So there is also a possibility of these mood swings being related to the grieving process I may still be going through. However, I’m not convinced this is totally responsible. The last few days (I’d say since this past Friday or Saturday) I have been quick to cry over just about anything, both happy and sad things. I have also been quick to change moods from sad to irritated or angry, and even to a pure sloth-like laziness/over-exhaustion after just a few hours of feeling energized and awake. 

Now my confusion mainly stems from the recent research I’ve done and discovery that PCOS is a hormonal imbalance and this is why your body doesn’t ovulate regularly, hence the trouble one can have conceiving. So I’m wondering if these mood swings are due to my grief, my hormones, or my exhaustion…or a horrible combination of these things. 

Any one wish to weigh in on this subject?? I’m guessing most people will say a combination and I’m sure that would make the most sense but I’m just the type of person who begs answers…(you know bc I’m so impatient)! Anyway, I don’t need any scientific facts here, I would just like to hear other peoples’ opinions who may have similar experiences with PCOS, and perhaps any of the other life-matters aforementioned.   

Now before you blame it on ole reliable (aka mother natures monthly visit) it is still too early for that to arrive…and if that IS what this is (bc my hormones are unbalanced and cycles unregulated) I am going to be PISSED! Haha. 

But seriously. It Better not be. 

Again, any thoughts/opinions/concerns?? 

Please and Thank You in advance! 


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