Hoping I’m Not Embarassing Myself! 

So here’s the deal; I’m over a week late on my period. I’ve recently come to realize my periods over the last five months or so have been exactly regular…which is crazy because they NEVER were before (but I digress). Every cycle has been EXACTLY 35 days apart (kind of scary but true). I know this because I started keeping track of it with this cool little app (it’s free and it’s called MyDays). Sometime around October of last year. 

So, anyways, this month I have not had my period yet. I am holding on to Faith that this may be good news. Although, I am concerned that if this is just my PCOS and unbalanced hormones messing with me, I have already told like three people; “I’m late and could be pregnant.”…I’m REALLY hoping I didn’t jinx myself by doing that!!! And even more so hoping I won’t be Totally embarrassed if I have to tell them I was wrong in a month…

But on the same side of this, I KNOW that Luck has nothing to do with whether or not I’m pregnant right now. My Faith tells me a much more meaningful version in which I am confident and grateful to the Lord that I’m Late and Could be pregnant! SO why wouldn’t I share that exciting news with people I trust?!?!

Well because it’s difficult given my body’s track record with false senses of hope! Therefore, I am remaining cautiously optimistic. But even with that, I feel as though If I were truly giving this totally up to God then I would have a 100% Faith that THIS IS IT. And when I look back at His track record, it’s MUCH more impressive! He has always delivered for me and in ways I could have NEVER predicted! So I feel it’s only right if I continue to let my trust, faith, and even excitement grow at this time. 

What do you all think? Think I’m being silly, naive or honest with myself?? 


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