So, I have shared a lot about my struggle with PCOS. But I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned my history of Horrible, Terrible migraines. I’ve been getting them for Years and I usually get quite a few a month. Probably anywhere from two -four a week. Most of them I have been managing on this amazing PRN migraine medication called Frova. It’s not very popular yet but it is Very popular with me! I love it, it works wonders…well it workED wonders. Since my husband and I had to change insurance we can no longer afford this medication every month…it is VERY expensive, like $300/bottle expensive (which is about 30 pills I THINK)! We simply cannot afford that luxury, at least not right now. 

Unfortunately, this is the Only medicine that worked for my migraines and did not also completely incapacitate me while doing so! Therefore, whenever I get a migraine Now, I end up in the urgent care or ER bc I almost always black out…and therefore, we end up with a big hospital bill to pay. 

So anyways, the reason I’m writing this now, is because tonight is the first visit to the ER I’ve had since no longer being able to take the Frova (basically since we changed insurance). This means I have no idea how much out hospital bill is going to be…although I’m fairly certain it is going to be more than $300 (I.e. The cost of the migraine meds). As they usually are some sort of astronomical amount of money for some IV fluids and a couple shots…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m Totally Thankful they helped me feel better! But this is not a logical, long-term solution to my migraines where as a PRN medication is a Much Better option when you ask me! (Especially considering most migraine meds I’ve tried either you had to take daily and didn’t do much or like I said before totally zonked me out)! 

I guess we will see when the bill comes in the mail, which will be worth more, or which makes more sense I should say. I have also been in PT for my neck tension which my neurologist believed contributed majorly to my migraines, but the PT hasn’t changed much of my symptoms. Which lead me to getting X-rays yesterday. Because my Physical Therapist believes I have scoliosis….I mean it just keeps piling on doesn’t it?! 

This life is not an easy one for me. Afterall, I am only in my twenties! I have said for many years that my body hates me…and now with the PCOS diagnosis I’m pretty sure I have all the proof I need!!! What’s a girl to do?! 


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