“It will help,” they said. 

Sooo, my last post I talked about my history of migraines and some other medical tragedies that are My Life. Tonight is yet another late night to sleep bc I cannot sleep without a low dose anti-depressant. And unfortunately with the migraine(s) I’ve had lately the doctor is trying this muscle relaxer (which means no anti-depressant)…it’s supposed to make you extremely drowsy! 

“Make sure you’re home when you take it!” They said. 

“It will make you extremely drowsy!” They said.

“It should help with the migraines too.” They said. 

Well…They lied. I said. 

I tried taking it for my neck and back pain (the reason the prescribed it, the reason I get some of my migraines)…I figured, “Hey I’ll take it before bed. I won’t have to take my anti-depressant. I’m going to get some awesome sleep…” 

I thought wrong. Because they lied. 

It’s been an hour and a half since I’ve taken it. It has done nothing BUT make my migraine WORSE and make me dizzy. AND unfortunately, I actually feel More Awake than before! 

They’re liars. 

And They suck…

And on top of that, my neck pain is still there! I don’t like Flexeril. I don’t like insomnia. And I really Hate my Migraines. 

Now let’s see how long it is going to take me to fall asleep….(she said wincing in pain). 


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