Please stop saying this aloud!

Please keep in mind that this post is written out of frustration with my own body and not any one else’s. And I fully understand every one has every right to say what ever they desire to their friends and family. However, this blog is my place to vent and today I really need to vent! So here goes…

Things I wish pregnant women would stop saying out loud:

“It’s crazy, I Never even wanted kids but now (insert happy feelings here). ”

“Omg! And we weren’t even trying!” 

“I guess we’re just fertile myrtles!” 

“I’m pregnant with number (insert obnoxious number of kids here).” 

“Oh, it will happen for you!” 

“You guys have just got to relax and you’ll get pregnant in no time.”

“Can you believe we’re having Twins?!” 

“We waited to tell you bc…(insert whatever reason here).” 

That’s all I have for now, comment if you want some thing added to my list! I’m sure I’m forgetting some!


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