Today was a good day.

Okay! Here we go! 

Today was a good day, friends! Today was our first appointment with the Fertility Specialist. Let me start from the beginning. A friend I work with has been through the infertility journey twice now. (And by that I mean they’ve had two babies both with the help of fertility treatments). So, after talking with her over the last four months (since my PCOS diagnosis) she recommended we take a short little trip to the fertility doctor they used and just get a feel for how it works, what our options are, and what would be best for us. So, today we finally did it.

I was definitely a little nervous. I was sure, as I was sitting in the waiting room, that it would just feel surreal. I was a little worried about what the doctor would be like and wether or not I would even like him. I was very unsure about the whole thing!

But all went well!

Better than well actually. The Dr. (Let’s call him Dr. S) was ridiculously nice and so easy to talk to. He made us feel Good about being there (which is a HUGE deal, as anyone struggling with infertility already knows)! Most importantly to us, he made everything super easy to understand. He went over all the different types of infertility and treatment options. He got our histories and answered all our questions. (He even answered questions I couldn’t think of and before I even had a chance to ask the ones I did think of).

Also, the hubby got his little swimmers checked out and passed with flying colors! Yay! One less thing to worry about!

So now we are left with our options! Obviously, we have all the time we want to make up our minds. But there is so much paperwork involved and so much reading to do. Thankfully, I got mostly all the reading done already!

However, the hubby has yet to talk with me about all of this. He seemed to feel okay about everything while speaking with Dr. S. but afterwards didn’t have a lot to say. I’m hoping this is just because this all happened during our work week and maybe he just hasn’t had the time or energy to really digest everything so far. Thankfully, it is time for the weekend to begin which hopefully means time for us to have a real conversation about all of this.

Obviously, I am excited about our options due to the simple fact that we actually have options! And due to the fact that Dr. S. seemed so optimistic about our possibilities! I actually got even better news. Dr. S.  believes my PCOS diagnosis is most likely inaccurate. As I’ve told you all before, I have none of the typical symptoms of a woman with PCOS. Refer to my previous post; “I Have PCOS But I Am Different.” He feels as though (according to my symptoms and medical history) I may simply have a few low hormone levels which may be due to (or partially due to) my lower-side-of-average BMI.

It felt wonderful to speak with a doctor who so quickly understood all of my symptoms and could basically predict what I was going to say about my medical history! It was such a relief to know that I’m not a big wimp when it comes to my painful menstrual cycles and that perhaps there is an actual reason my cycles last so long. And perhaps That is the reason my ovulation is unpredictable which is why we have had trouble conceiving! I know this all may not sound like much to some of you but for us it was a huge breath of fresh air!

Hell, just knowing there is a medical explanation for our struggle is so relieving!


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