Trying hard

These last two weeks have been rough. I prayed on Sunday and asked God to take over the stressors in my life. I decided to give it all up to Him. But…I have had a hard time actually doing that this week. I have been tremendously stressed out about multiple different situations in my life right now. I have decided to go to battle with the Evil spirits waging war against me in my own head. Negative thoughts and constant self criticism have gotten the best of me more often than not this week. I am doing a lot of deep breathing, sleeping, praying, and crying lately. And today has been no different. 

Today I got to listen to a pregnant woman complaining about how her boyfriend is too sweet and too cheesy…REAALLLY??!! #STFU 

Then, I got to listen to a 21 year old “Christian” party girl complain about how tired she has been because she “had to go out late” every night to “show her friend around Charleston…” B**** ain’t no sights to see at midnight! 

And finally I got to hear the exciting news about how ANOTHER lady I work with is pregnant…I was actually doing very well with that news (at least much better than I used to since I’ve been reminding my self constantly to give up those thoughts to God-clearly I’m doing a great job lately) #sarcasticmuch

Unntill, my friend decided to say, ” uh oh you know what that means…it happens in threes!”  REALLY?!?! What makes you think that is okay to say to me, in FRONT OF EVERYONE, so Now Everyone thinks it’s okay to ask me if I’m pregnant! SERIOUSLY?! If this is The big man upstairs testing me than I am…drowning, slowly drowning. 

To top this day off I have had a migraine since last Friday! That is a full week. And finally today it has made me feel so physically sick and anxious I have been extremely neaseaus all day.  I can’t even write anything else because I feel like I’m about to get sick. So goodbye, thanks for letting me vent. 



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