Exciting news. 

(So this was Written abt 2 weeks ago but I just never posted it). 

I will have another update on the Gonal f injections and ultrasounds soon (I.e. When we will get to do the IUI)!
So, I know I have been MIA for what seems like Months now! I apologize, sincerely. (Not that you guys LIVE to read my posts or anything) but I digress. 

We have been So very busy lately. The hubby and I have been making an effort to get more involved with our church. So we have been volunteering, studying our bibles and basically focusing our energy on helping others versus stressing about ttc. And it has definitely made a world of a difference! 

First off, my every waking thought has NOT been about babies! So that helps with the mood swings and anxiety…I also have not wanted to burst into tears every time I see a pregnant woman. And I have actually been thoroughly enjoying visiting with my friend and her, now two month old, baby! 

Also I have been doing this bible study series on infertility for the last month and a half and I really think it has helped my patience level tremendously! (Basically, I have never had any patience in my life for Anything)! But, lately I have been feeling much better about my family’s future and I believe that my studies and our sermons at church have all impacted me for the better. 

I have realized that we will have a family somehow, someday. It may not happen like I’ve pictured it for most of my life but we will be given the RIGHT opportunity to care for and love a child one day bc we are meant to be parents! And we will be darn good parents. 

I will say that my stress level has decreased in large part because of our fertility doctor. Honestly, he is just wonderful. Our team is so helpful. It is so nice to feel like people actually care about you and your dreams to have a baby. Their bedside manner is so impressive, thank God! 

Finally, the best news….the most exciting update I have for you guys is that I’m two days I start my Gonal F injections! I have already started the letrozole. I think that just getting started in this process is the best motivator. It feels like it took forever for this starting line to approach us. However, now that we have made a few new steps it is finally starting to feel real! 


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