IUI Post Procedure Crazies 

This past Sunday we had our IUI done…Yay! It’s a very unremarkable procedure but so very exciting at the same time. On our way to the appointment that morning I remember telling the hubby, ” You’re going to make me pregnant today.” Hahaha! We shared a little chuckle at that. I could tell he was nervous, or really just unenthusiastic about his part. But we had a conversation about how he THOUGHT it was awkward for him but he wasn’t the one on display every time we went in. I was the one up on the table, with legs open wide for doctor and nurse to see. Haha. (I’ve found that it’s easier to have humor in those awkward situations). Plus you have to remember they do this all day long, the doctors and nurses that is. It is nothing new for them and thankfully they are all extremely professional AND sweet throughout this journey. However, that is not what I want to talk about right now.

What I would like to discuss is my crazy, CRAZY emotions right now! The Gonal F injections stopped two days before the IUI. During those injections I noticed (actually my friend pointed out to me) that I was easily nauseated with any and every smell, very impatient, and very irritable. She got a good laugh about how easily I was becoming flustered about the littlest things. She (having been through this journey herself) also helped me realize why I was so forgetful…the hormones, obviously! THAT is what I want to talk about, the HORMONES! 

I mean good grief if these hormones haven’t swept me sideways and around the bend! SO FORGETFUL! And now just one and two days after the IUI so EMOTIONAL! I could cry at the drop of a hat! Thankfully, most often it’s been tears of joy and thankfulness. Not because I’m already 100% convinced in pregnant-No, definitely not. But because I’m realizing what a journey this has been, just up to this point and I’m recognizing how wonderful those in my life have been, who are aware we are trecking through this difficult path. I feel overwhelmed by every little thing right now. 

I know this roller coaster ride of emotions is due to all the hormones in my body right now but I’m just a little curious as to why they all showed up at once just the day after the IUI? Is this a coincidence? Is this typical for most women after the procedure? Is this from the Gonal F, Ovidrel, or IUI? I’m sure it’s the combination of the three plus my extremely high anxiety level right now. But would love to hear from other women if you had similar timing with these emotions and experiences? Let me know, so I can calm myself. Please! 


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